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12 April 2016 / westmatic


18 Januar 2016 / westmatic

Water is one of the most important components in our systems, so we have made it our duty to take care of the water passing through our system in the best possible way. 

Of all the water in the world only 1% is potable water. There is only a certain amount of water on our planet that goes around in a constant cycle. Water is very sensitive to contaminations and it is therefore very important to take care of it. The water we use today is the same water as our children and their children one day will use.

Do you want to know more about our unique system? Do not hesitate to contact us, we'll tell you how we can help you to take care of your water.

International weeks at the Swedish factory

18 August 2015 / westmatic

As an international company at the forefront, we think that it is important to update and train our representatives abroad. Last week we had a visit from our US factory here at our Swedish factory for training and this week we have a visit from our partner in Dubai, how is getting training to become a Installation Supervisor to lead our train wash projects in the Middle East. Also, during this week we have one of our engineers located in to Australia to train our partners there.


Welcome to Busvic bus expo in Melbourne, Australia!

29 Juni 2015 / westmatic

Welcome to Busvic bus expo in Melbourne, Australien! 

Australias largest bus show 2015. 

Melbourne Exhibition Centre – 8-9 juli.

Lars-Ove Andersson, Technical Sales, will be on site to guide you trough the latest within bus washing systems. 

Are you interested in visit us at the show or just learn more about our equipment?  Please contact Lars-Ove on phone: +46 (0) 70 810 31 62


Read more about the show on this link:

Oslo is a part of the Cleaner World!

16 Juni 2015 / westmatic

Westmatic can proudly tpresent that Nor Cargo in Oslo will have to new Westmatic machines  installed this fall. Nor Cargo is environmentally conscious and has therefore chosen "The Top of the Line" for their facility. The focus is on efficiency, both environmentally, energetically and on the washing results. The plant will be equipped with our three brush rollover system in one bay and our Speed-concept in the other bay, where 24-meter trucks will be able to run through with a washing time of only 4 minutes!

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