Södertälje-Stockholm is a part of a cleaner World!

Westmatic is proud to announce the delivery of two bus washes to Stockholm Lokaltrafik (SL) new construction of Sodertalje Bus depot. Runned by Boetten construction, which on behalf of SL has chosen to make this a bus depot with the best possible washing performance.

The bus depot will be equipped with two automatic bus washes, one two-brush bus wash and one four-brush bus wash. In addition to the bus washes - double water treatment systems will be installed to meet environmental requirements and the capacity requirements on the volume set.

Read more about the “Renaren” – The Purifier


and why Renaren is a fantastic asset for a cleaner environment.

The bus depot will in its entirety be completed during next summer and we look forward to wash Södertälje buses spotlessly clean!