Wash Control 3000

With Westmatic's Wash Control 3000 you can make your wash hall available 24/7. Each customer will receive their own wash card with a personal pin number. This pin will allow access to the wash hall. The customer can also select a preferred language with their card.

With the Wash Control 3000, you can control the complete wash process. The Wash Control 3000 has self-service programs, automatic service programs, and maintenance service programs. The customer selects the program, and adds or removes wash options according to their needs. After the wash is finished the Wash Control 3000 will print a receipt according to the wash options selected. In the service program, you can easily control the machine for any possible maintenance work.

The software in Wash Control 3000 gives you many advantages. The program gives you detailed statistics of wash times, water consumption, detergent consumption, and degreaser consumption. This gives you complete invoice data. Furthermore, you will get information that simplifies the environmental declaration. It is easy to make wash cards that are adapted to a certain vehicle, and also the access to the wash hall can be controlled.

Wash cards for Wash Control 3000 can be delivered with the customers own logotype. Online payments with credit cards are available upon request.