Welcome to Busvic bus expo in Melbourne, Australia!

29 June 2015 / westmatic

Welcome to Busvic bus expo in Melbourne, Australien! 

Australias largest bus show 2015. 

Melbourne Exhibition Centre – 8-9 juli.

Lars-Ove Andersson, Technical Sales, will be on site to guide you trough the latest within bus washing systems. 

Are you interested in visit us at the show or just learn more about our equipment?  Please contact Lars-Ove on phone: +46 (0) 70 810 31 62


Read more about the show on this link:

Oslo is a part of the Cleaner World!

16 June 2015 / westmatic

Westmatic can proudly tpresent that Nor Cargo in Oslo will have to new Westmatic machines  installed this fall. Nor Cargo is environmentally conscious and has therefore chosen "The Top of the Line" for their facility. The focus is on efficiency, both environmentally, energetically and on the washing results. The plant will be equipped with our three brush rollover system in one bay and our Speed-concept in the other bay, where 24-meter trucks will be able to run through with a washing time of only 4 minutes!

Södertälje is a part of a cleaner World!

9 June 2015 / westmatic

Westmatic is proud to announce the delivery of two bus washes to Stockholm Lokaltrafik (SL) new construction of Sodertalje Bus depot. Runned by Boetten construction, which on behalf of SL has chosen to make this a bus depot with the best possible washing performance.

The bus depot will be equipped with two automatic bus washes, one two-brush bus wash and one four-brush bus wash. In addition to the bus washes - double water treatment systems will be installed to meet environmental requirements and the capacity requirements on the volume set.

Read more about the “Renaren” – The Purifier

and why Renaren is a fantastic asset for a cleaner environment.

The bus depot will in its entirety be completed during next summer and we look forward to wash Södertälje buses spotlessly clean! 

Canadian customers visiting the Arvika-plant

1 June 2015 / westmatic

Today we have Canadian customers to visit our factory in Arvika. We have shown them around our facility, demonstrated our production, been in our demo hall and shown how in to effective wash trucks. Tomorrow we will proceed to Trondheim and Thermomax to show them one of our cool wash facilities where we have installed both a Heavy Duty truck wash and a Speed truck wash in separate hall next to each other. Thermomax has thousands of trucks passing through this facility each month.









Are you interested in visiting our factory and learn more about how you wash your vehicle green and efficiently? Contact:

Anders Johansson
+46 570 72 76 24

Lars-Ove Andersson
+46 570 72 76 09


Panorama 7th - Enduro Romania

26 May 2015 / westmatic

For three days in early May, Westmatic-sponsored John Skog took part in the enormously tough Endoura race Panorama in Romania. 200km through forests and mountains. 2014 it was 16 nations that participated with a total of 337 participants, however, only 49 made it through the entire path all the way to the finnish line, which says a lot about severity of the track. Johan encountered a lot of truble during his path, crashes, flips, lost kick and a puncture, but that did not stop him, he took it all the way over the finnish line! Congratulations to Johan!

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