Multiwash - Bus & Truck wash

The Westmatic Multiwash works as a truck wash, bus wash and a wash system for smaller vehicles. The system is very easy to customize for different vehicle types and sizes. By installing a Westmatic Multiwash you will increase the number of vehicles you can wash, and therefore you can improve your image and increase your profit.

This model is available in 2-brush and 3-brush versions. The Westmatic Multiwash has hot dipped galvanized steel frames with splash guards. Components such as motors, gears and switches as also splash guarded. The Wesmatic Multiwash is delivered as either a floor rail model or an over head crane model. Both models have variable speed drives. You can easily choose different wash programs on the systems control panel.

The Westmatic Multiwash is delivered completely customized for the customer’s needs and budget.