Renaren - Water treatment

Renaren is a water treatment system that requires minimal supervision and maintenance. It also has an automatic control system which makes the handling very easy. Renaren is tremendously efficient and the degree of purity is 99%.

Renaren removes all pollutants, for example oils and heavy metals, and it fulfills the Swedish government’s environmental authority requirements for water purification for vehicle washes. You will contribute to a cleaner environment and you can reduce or possibly eliminate your environmental fees/taxes.

Water that is not reused first passes through an oil separator and then directly to Renaren. The oil separator fulfills the European Standard requirements and the Swedish Standard SS-EN 858-1, and it is always placed so that supervision and emptying is made easy. The method we use for water purification is built on electro “flocation”, which is a technical combination of electro flotation and electro precipitation. We do not add any chemicals during the whole purification process. The pollutants are collected in a tank which easily can be emptied. The purified water can thereafter be reused or released into the community sewer.

Renaren has since long been used in different industrial processes. It is very useful in every industry where efficient purification of oil mixed water is required. As a bonus of your purchase you will get a system with maximum environmental friendliness. Renaren is patented and DNV-certified for ship installations.