Twin Line - Train wash

In the past, it was quite difficult to wash a train. But with Wesmatic's Wash Systems of The Future, this is no longer the case. Welcome to the ultimate train wash; the Westmatic Twin Line Train Wash.

This high-tech train wash machine senses the different train car shapes and can be set up to wash the train entering from either end of the wash bay. The Westmatic Twin Line machine washes the trains front, roof and end in one run. The system is available with multiple wash programs to better suit the customer's wash needs.

The Twin Line has Westmatic’s high density brushes for the side and for the roof. To give you optimal wash results the machine can be delivered with a dryer/blower system and automatic window squidgy for the passenger windows. Westmatic also has systems both to register and indentify trains. This transponder will help collect data and automatically select different wash programs for different style of trains. The Twin Line Train Wash is available both for electrical and diesel driven trains and it has minimal space requirements.

Each system is manufactured and customized after each customer's specific requirements and needs. Westmatic has a long experience in developing the most cost effecient train wash systems on the market.

Welcome to the Train Wash of the future!